UPTIME balanced gangway long-term proven

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UPTIME has pioneered using a power-saving mode for its market-leading 23,4m AMC gangway. The gangway has been the benchmark in the offshore wind industry since its introduction, with build number 29 now being finished for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

The UPTIME control and hydraulic system is constantly being improved. The power-saving balancing mode, released in October 2016, is now implemented on several gangways. This results in less stress on HPU motors, simple operations for the operators and saves wear and tear on equipment when the gangway is not forcibly run but instead balanced against the TP connection. Inaccuracies in MRUs is also avoided, giving a much calmer operation.

“By using the hydraulic and control system competence gained from making gangways since the late 70s, we have improved upon even the most recent invention, 3-axis active motion compensated gangways. UPTIME continues to develop its gangways, control systems and hydraulics. The balancing of the gangway is the most recent example now being in use for one year. The next release will be autonomous landing of the gangway, which has been tested onshore for about six months. This will give even higher performance, safety and convenience for the user, potentially avoiding using dedicated gangway operators completely” – Bjørnar Huse, Sales and Business Development Director.

“We see that competitors are emerging in the market, and we will keep our focus on giving customers a better system, with attention to the complete operation – gangway and ancillary systems, power consumption, crew usage and passenger safety.” – Svein Ove Haugen, Sales and Marketing Manager


Press release: Uptime International achieves world first Statoil TRL7 proven technology approval for motion compensated gangways.

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TRL 7 is Statoil’s highest technology readiness level. This was achieved for the Uptime 23,4m active motion compensated gangway.During the approval, the gangway was mounted on Island Offshore’s vessel “Island Crown” during a walk to work charter for Statoil. The charter was to perform hook-up and commissioning of the unmanned wellhead platform “Oseberg H” for the “Oseberg Vestflanken 2 development”.

Use of unmanned wellhead platforms is a new concept on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Island Offshore started this walk to work charter at “Oseberg H” with the vessel “Island Crown” in August 2017 and completed in October 2017. During the charter “Island Crown” connected to “Oseberg H” by the Uptime 23,4m AMC gangway, for continuous open access and evacuation means for personnel on the installation.

“We always strive to reach the highest possible level of safety for our Uptime product. This is a vote of confidence and encourages our employees to keep working hard. We achieved the highest readiness level from Statoil as the first gangway provider in the world, based on our 39 year experience in the offshore walk-to-work sector”, says Sales and Marketing Director Svein Ove Haugen


  • Oseberg Vestflanken 2 is the first of three planned phases for developing the remaining reserves in the Oseberg area.
  • The licensees are: Statoil (operator) (49.3%), Petoro (33.6%), Total (14.7%) and ConocoPhillips (2.4%).
  • Location: In the North Sea, around 8 kilometres northwest of the Oseberg Field Centre.
  • Water depth: Around 110 metres.
  • Estimated life: Until 2040.
  • Development: Unmanned and remote-controlled wellhead platform. Two subsea wells to be drilled from existing subsea templates willbe included in the project. All wells will be drilled by a jackup Cat-J drilling rig.

Fleet at work

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Many vessels with UPTIME gangways are at work in the southern North Sea, in addition 4 other vessels are outside this screenshot and 4 are in other regions around the world.
For the group, the total is probably 10 times what we see here:

Bibby Wavemaster 1 delivered

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We happy to inform you that on August 15-2017, Bibby has taken proud ownership of her first ASV9020, Bibby WaveMaster 1.

Departure from the Galati Shipyard is August 17 and her maiden port of call will be Rotterdam, with a scheduled arrival of September 1, where she will be named and readied for her first job.
Attached pictures show that she is a truly beautiful vessel, and we thank Damen and Bibby for selecting UPTIME to deliver the gangway and adjustable height pedestal for this vessel.

We wish the vessel, owner and crew good fortune!

Normand Jarl working for Dong Energy

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Vessel Normand Jarl from Solstad Offshore working in Gode Wind 2 Windfarm for Dong Energy

Photo: Jetmund Fure Grøtting / Solstad Offshore

Photo: Jetmund Fure Grøtting / Solstad Offshore

Please contact us if you want to rent the same setup.

UPTIME shaping the future

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Today we participate at a discussion meeting for the national (governmental) development of the maritime business.

Together we shape the future of sustainable energy, fisheries and aquaculture.

UPTIME vessels in action 28.10.2016

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We are proud over the fact that a lot of the recent offshore wind vessels now use our 23,4m gangway. The current status is that 7 vessels are active in the German Bight and UK area. A few vessels are in port and others are in other ports worldwide.

See the below from MarineTraffic.com this morning:


Brochure to download

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Looking for our most recent brocure?

Download here

UPTIME gangway at Baltic 2

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“Island Crown” with the 23,4m AMC gangway is here seen working at Baltic 2

Only with the UPTIME AMC system can the gangway dock directly to a flat bulkhead and the crew can walk across without landing the gangway.

Multiple redundancies and safeguards make sure this operation is safe and efficient for the vessel and crew.


Uptime 23,4m motion compensated gangway

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Uptime 23,4m gangway (19,4m +/- 4m) delivered for two purposes:

Picture 1: Siem Moxie 74meter dedicated wind farm vessel using bumper/push on for short time connection.

Picture 1: Siem Offshore vessel – Siem Moxie

Picture 2: HOS Achiever 135meter accommodation vessel with Oil & Gass charter using landing cone for long term connection

                       Picture 2: Hornbeck Offshore vessel – HOS Achiever