UPTIME International develops, markets for sale and rental, and installs motion compensated access equipment.

The 23,4m gangway has been in use in the wind industry as well as oil and gas since 2013 and is now the benchmark for motion compensated gangways for monohull floatels and workboats. This gangway is also available with an adjustable height pedestal, making in possible to reach almost any height landing. The 15m gangway for access to boatlandings has been in use in the wind industry for a decade and has now been refined and improved for use in the oil and gas industry.

Uptime has delivered and have on order over 30 units of our 23,4m and 26m motion compensated gangways.

Uptime now markets gangways previously branded as Marine Aluminium. Tese are large gangways for floatels and installations. After delivering over 100 gangways and 600 helidecks worldwide, the corporate competence in aluminium for marine structures is renowned.

We have a few select subsuppliers, making us well prepared to deliver both standard and bespoke solutions to customers worldwide.

UPTIME provides solutions with cargo handling, personnel handling, elevators, dual purpose pedestals and foundations and much more.