Gangways are in use all over the world as a critical and practical access method from a vessel to platforms, windmills and other structures.

Our partner Marine Aluminium has delivered numerous such gangways over the course of years. Several gangways have a operating period counted in decades.

UPTIME offers these same constructions with full motion compensation, making it possible to land delicately on any structure without any specific adaptations on the receiving end. The gangways are also 100% open under operation, so personnel can cross the gangway without engaging a specific mode, even hundreds can cross without the system having to be parked or moved to ensure access.

The gangway is made in seawaterproof aluminium, making for a durable and lightweight construction. With a reference list of hundreds of helidecks, we can prove that the structural integrity of the construction is well taken care of.

Please look at the specific models we offer. We also offer a custom design option, where length and other parameters can be agreed upon after customer input and request.

Click “brochure” to download our 8-page brochure, with some details on both our gangways (short and long) and also the motion compensated helideck.

More information is of course available upon request!

About us

Uptime AS develops, markets and installs motion compensated equipment. We have a few select suppliers, such as ICD AS who has made control systems for motion compensated equipment and advanced vessel systems for over a decade. Marine Aluminium is the market leader in aluminium helidecks and large gangways.

Uptime has developed the world’s first motion compensated helideck, dramatically increasing the landing window on the PGS vessels “Ramform Sterling” and “Ramform Sovereign”.

Solutions for smaller vessels and other types of motion compensated equipment is being developed, stay tuned to see what’s new!

Fully compensated workdeck

UPTIME also offers a fully compensated workdeck, which can be used as:

  • workdeck for transporting equipment to be craned off (can use a crane without motion compensation)
  • helideck for drone helicopters (will ensure stable footing after landing, preventing accidental liftoff or slide)
  • base for marine cranes, giving you heave compensated cranes based on standard cranes

Contact us for more usage areas or ideas!