“Island Crown” delivered to owner with UPTIME AMC gangway

Island Offshore took delivery of the M/V Island Crown from Vard Brevik on May 24th, 2013.


The vessel is a purpose built Walk to Work Maintenance and Subsea Support Vessel outfitted for offshore Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs in addition to general subsea work.

The UPTIME gangway provides a permanent motion compensated gangway system for safe and easy access to and from offshore installations.

Vessel equipment also includes a long-reach offshore crane and the vessel is prepared for skid and ROV installations.

Svein Ove Haugen, Marketing Manager of UPTIME: This is the world’s first motion compensated gangway installation for two main modes: long-duration connection, unattended by operators, and the push-on-mode, providing quick mobilisation. With the push-on-mode, landings can be done very quickly against structures of almost any kind. The gangway is also the first DnV approved gangway after the new class requirements. The system has a multitude of redundancies and safeguards to ensure that this is a secure and failsafe solution.

We are humbled and proud of being able to deliver this system to Island Offshore, who in their profile use “Leader in advanced marine operations”. We congratulate the owner with a very capable vessel and look forward to seeing it in use in waters worldwide.

See the shipowner’s presentation video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DsNtFSnqJM


Uptime Gangway 19,4

The Uptime Gangway 19.4 is a well-known construction from Marine Aluminium:

Uptime Gangway 19.4

The Uptime Gangway has a nominal length of 19,4m. The telescope function is +/- 4m, it adds or subtracts 4m from the nominal length.

The Uptime control software enables three operating modes:

Landing Mode: The Gangway will be compensated actively during the landing procedure. After the gangway has been landed it will be put into passive mode, making the gangway follow the relative movements as long as needed.

Constant load mode: The gangway will be motion compensated actively during the landing procedure. After landing the gangway will be positioned relative to the landing point, maintaining stable pressure on the landing point.

Hover mode: Focusing on landing the gangway as smooth as possible, the gangway will use active motion compensation (AMC) mode to position and maintain the gangway tip at a fixed point relative to the landing area on a fixed installation.

We offer a range of accessories and customisations for other applications, see our accessory list or contact us for more information.

This animation shows how the gangway is landed on a monopile windmill foundation

Click “brochure” to download our 8-page brochure, with some details on both our gangways (short and long) and also the motion compensated helideck.

More information is of course available upon request!