UPTIME balanced gangway long-term proven

UPTIME has pioneered using a power-saving mode for its market-leading 23,4m AMC gangway. The gangway has been the benchmark in the offshore wind industry since its introduction, with build number 29 now being finished for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

The UPTIME control and hydraulic system is constantly being improved. The power-saving balancing mode, released in October 2016, is now implemented on several gangways. This results in less stress on HPU motors, simple operations for the operators and saves wear and tear on equipment when the gangway is not forcibly run but instead balanced against the TP connection. Inaccuracies in MRUs is also avoided, giving a much calmer operation.

“By using the hydraulic and control system competence gained from making gangways since the late 70s, we have improved upon even the most recent invention, 3-axis active motion compensated gangways. UPTIME continues to develop its gangways, control systems and hydraulics. The balancing of the gangway is the most recent example now being in use for one year. The next release will be autonomous landing of the gangway, which has been tested onshore for about six months. This will give even higher performance, safety and convenience for the user, potentially avoiding using dedicated gangway operators completely” – Bjørnar Huse, Sales and Business Development Director.

“We see that competitors are emerging in the market, and we will keep our focus on giving customers a better system, with attention to the complete operation – gangway and ancillary systems, power consumption, crew usage and passenger safety.” – Svein Ove Haugen, Sales and Marketing Manager


PMC gangway 45,5m

The UPTIME 45,5m is a proven design for vessel-to-installation or vessel-to-vessel access for large vessels.

A number of units have been delivered worldwide and provide effortless access in high seastates.

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Uptime International announces new contract for walk to work gangway.

Uptime International has entered into a contract with Cemre Marin Endüstri A.S. for delivery of a full Uptime access solution. Cemre Shipyard in Turkey will integrate the delivery in the new wind farm Service Operation Vessel(SOV) they are building for the French vessel owner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs(LDA) to be delivered in 2018.

The Uptime delivery consists of an active motion compensated gangway and an adjustable pedestal integrated towards the elevator tower in the new SOV design from Salt Ship Design, all this to take care of personnel and cargo transfer from vessel warehouse up to and through the gangway to the TP.


Louis Dreyfus Armateurs vessel designed of Salt Ship design with Uptime w2w system

The new LDA SOV will operate for Dong Energy Wind Power AS on four wind farms off the German coast (Borkum Riffgrund 1&2, Gode Wind 1&2) and will enable the maintenance of wind turbines by windfarm technicians.


“For Uptime it was strategically important to enter the French market and we are honoured and humble to be chosen as the preferred gangway supplier.

Taken in mind that main focus from Louis Dreyfus Armateurs and Salt Ship design for this vessel was to develop a unique purpose driven SOV with enhanced operability and efficient logistics gives us confidence in own products and strength to further evolution and development ” says Sales & Marketing Director Svein Ove Haugen

Uptime announces new walk to work contracts.

Uptime International ended an all time high 2016 signing two new contracts for walk to work systems.The units ensure safe transfer of personell and cargo in rough weather conditions.

Østensjø Rederi purchased a Uptime 23,4m active motion compensated gangway that was installed late 2016 on their multipurpose supply vessel “Edda Fjord”, already working in the walk to work market.

Second delivery is contracted with GC Rieber and will also be a Uptime 23,4m active motion compensated gangway, to be installed on their vessel “Polar Queen”. “Polar Queen” has been awarded a contract with Senvion to work in Nordsee One wind farm, supporting turbine commissioning.

“2016 was an active year for Uptime International, presenting several new products and walk to work solutions. In 2016 we went from being a gangway provider to be a total provider of offshore logistic solutions for personnel and cargo in offshore wind and offshore oil & gas market.

Uptime has a large range of standalone and integrated solutions for sale or rent.
In 2017 we will present several new innovative products and solutions, as well as evolution of existing products” says Sales & Marketing Director Svein Ove Haugen

“During the last year several shipowners have entered into the walk-to-work market, especially in offshore wind. Our experience from 40 years of gangway installations and our capacity for attractive financial arrangements with our customers, as affordable sales, leasing, or rent, make us a preferred partner in a capital intensive business”, says CEO Bjørnar Huse

Press release: Uptime International has entered into W2W rental marked.

Uptime rental stock consist of the following range of gangways: 8m, 12m, 15m, 23,4m, 26m and 42,5m walk to work gangways.

The first rental contract for a Uptime 23,4m AMC gangway was set up with Norwegian shipowner Eidesvik Offshore, whosevessel “Acergy Viking” was awarded a 9 month contract with Siemens Wind Power

Uptime has also contracted a 23,4m AMC gangway with Solstad Offshore, having been awarded a 23 month + option contract using the “Rem Installer” for Dong Energy Wind Power. “Rem Installer” will be renamed to “Normand Jarl” and will be working at Gode Wind I, Gode Wind II and Borkum Riffgrund, starting March 2017.

“Our customers told us that there was a demand for Uptime rental units and we are very pleased that we now are able to offer a wide range of gangways including pedestals and stairtowers if needed. The range of gangways are prepared for oil & gas and the wind industry with no need of modification. Our stock of gangways is located in Norway at the moment, but we are considering other locations” says Sales & Marketing Director Svein Ove Haugen