UPTIME reaches for the sky!

UPTIME personnel values our great nature and opportunities for recreation. We continue to strive to reach the top, and in this regard we serve a picture of our CEO Bjørnar Huse and marketing manager Svein Ove Haugen on top of Skårasalen, 1542 meters above sealevel:

View towards north:

North from Skårasalen

View toward south:

South from Skårasalen

About us

Uptime AS develops, markets and installs motion compensated equipment. We have a few select suppliers, such as ICD AS who has made control systems for motion compensated equipment and advanced vessel systems for over a decade. Marine Aluminium is the market leader in aluminium helidecks and large gangways.

Uptime has developed the world’s first motion compensated helideck, dramatically increasing the landing window on the PGS vessels “Ramform Sterling” and “Ramform Sovereign”.

Solutions for smaller vessels and other types of motion compensated equipment is being developed, stay tuned to see what’s new!