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Courses Husøy, Norway Dates Availability
Basic Course TBA Request booking (
Basic Course TBA Request booking (
Advanced Course & Certification TBA Request booking (
 Advanced Course & Certification  TBA Request booking (
 Advanced Course & Certification  TBA Request booking (
 First line maintenance training  Request booking (
Courses Macaé, Brazil Dates Availability
Basic Course – Portuguese Upon request Request booking (
Basic Course – English Upon request Request booking (


Minimum participants on each training is 4, maximum participants is 8

Training in Norway: Good English skills required

Training in Brazil: Good English or Portuguese skills required

Courses may also be arranged upon request

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Certified operator training

Uptime Academy trains gangway operators to become certified operators.  The training consist of relevant theory for safe operation, basic gangway structure and preventive maintenance. Theory and simulator training are combined to give gangway operators a good understanding of how to perform a safe operation of the gangway. The main focus of this training is a safe operation of the gangway. Uptime gangways are developed specifically for personnel transport with a high level of security. A safe and secure operation of Uptime gangways depends on qualified gangway operators.

Training at Uptime Academy in Norway is held in English spoken and written language.

Simulator setup consists of four classroom simulators for training and a full scale simulator for practical examinations. This is high tech simulators with excellent graphics and realism to train gangway operations. The simulators are built to give a realistic feeling of how to handle a gangway in various difficulties such as weather, waves, surge and more. We also emphasize on training standard gangway procedures on simulators. We are able to simulate operation of both medium and large gangways, passive gangways and AMC gangways.

Certifying Gangway Operators

The training process is completed with a theoretical and practical exam, which is supervised by an independent certification body.

The training and certification process consists of:

  • Theory covering gangway capabilities and functions and the preventative maintenance program.
  • Simulator training for difficult weather and landing / connecting situations.
  • Operation of your gangway supervised by a certified gangway operator.
  • Theoretical and practical exam by an independent certification body.


Certification steps Location
1. Basic Course Theory and simulator training Uptime Academy
2. On-site Training Training together with certified operator On your gangway
3. Advanced Course Theory and simulator training Uptime Academy
4. Certification* Theoretical and practical test Uptime Academy

*Step 3 and 4 are done the same week

A completed theoretical and practical exam qualifies for a Gangway Operator Certificate.

First-Line Maintenance Course

Uptime Academy offers a first line maintenance course for technical personnel.  This is a two-day training done at Uptime Academy Husøy Norway.

Main focus is how to perform correct preventive maintenance in order to have a safe gangway with increased uptime.

Training is performed by specialists on gangway operation, maintenance and design criteria.

We offer this training for passive gangways and AMC gangways.

First-Line Maintenance Course can also be done at site. Then it is a one day training done be one of our service engineers.

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