Motion compensated helidecks

With Uptime Helideck, the relative position of the helideck is fixed beneath the helicopter during landing.

Combining “Uptime motion compensation” with Marine Aluminium’s lightweight helideck designs, Uptime Helideck eliminates the relative movement between helideck and helicopter.
This makes helicopter landings safe regardless of vessel movement.

Using Uptime’s roll compensation, a vessel’s helideck can be upgraded from category B+ to A+ (during daylight) by the helideck’s certification agency.

Uptime Helideck is delivered as a turnkey package according to the applicable regulations with all required safety features.

Helidecks all over the world ara a critical and practical access method on hospitals, highrise buildings, oil platforms, windmills and other structures.

Our partner Marine Aluminium is the market leader for aluminium helicopter decks, both for onshore and offshore use.

UPTIME offers these same helidecks with roll motion compensation, increasing the landing window for most vessels or floating platforms dramatically.

The helideck is made in seawater proof aluminium, making for a durable and lightweight construction. The substructure is available in aluminium or steel, while the drive system can be fitted with hydraulic or electric drives.

Helidecks are of standard design, but the foundation and drive system is of custom design where vessel characteristics and other parameters must be taken into account when constructing the system

Click Brochure 180612 to download our 8-page brochure, with some details on both our gangways (short and long) and also the motion compensated helideck.

More information is of course available upon request!