Uptime sponsor of Industry leader 2019 award

Seacor Marine Holdings chief executive John Gellert has taken home the 2019 OSJ Industry Leader Award.               The award was handed over by Uptime International representative Svein Ove Haugen. 

Uptime International as a proud sponsor is pleased to announce that Offshore Support Journal (“OSJ”), a British magazine and organizer of conferences for the offshore services sector, has named John Gellert winner of the «Industry Leader» award amongst 50 nominated industry leaders world-wide.

As Riviera’s head of content Edwin Lampert said when introducing Mr Gellert prior to his award “Our industry leader this year is both a pilot and a pioneer. He has piloted his company through a difficult period and now is pioneering its global leadership in terms of hybrid propulsion technology. To position the company for the future, this leader has decided to take the bold step of embracing hybrid propulsion technology by converting two PSVs to battery-hybrid power. And through joint ventures in Mexico and China, the company he leads will operate 12 battery-hybrid power vessels, which include four PSVs contracted to operate in the Gulf of Mexico and eight PSVs for worldwide operations

Read the whole article in OSJ her: John Gellert has taken home the 2019 OSJ Industry Leader Award